Established in 1988, Huawei Technologies is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in research and development (R&D), production and marketing of communications equipment, providing customized network solutions for telecom carriers in optical, fixed, mobile and data communications networks. Huawei's customers include China Telecom, China Mobile, China Netcom, China Unicom as well as Thai AIS, South Korea Telecom, SingTel, Hutchison Telecom, PCCW HKT, Telemar (Brazil), Rostelecom (Russia), etc.

The HLR9820, Huawei GSM Home Location Register (HLR), is the equipment shared by the circuit switched domain and packet switched domain core networks of the GSM/WCDMA system. The equipment integrates the function of Authentication Center (AuC).

  • GSM/UMTS Home Location Register (HLR)

Process capacity: Up to 70,000 VoIP/FoIP channels and 360,000 TDM trunks ∙ Series Products: Large, medium and mini capacity ∙ Interfaces: E1/T1/STM−1, FE/GE, ATM ∙ STM−1/E3 and POS STM− 1/STM−4 ∙ Protocols supported: H.248, PRA, R2, SIGTRAN (M2UA, IUA, V5UA) and V5 ∙ Configurable Jitter Buffer, VAD, CNG, EC, advanced mute detection and CODECs (G.711, G.723.1, T.38, etc.) ∙ Configurable as multi−access AMG and TMG ∙ Built−in SG ∙ Local TDM Switching and Stand−alone function

  • UMG 8900

EnerG BSC6000 is an all−IP based next generation base station controller. By adopting All−IP and common platform BSC/RNC design, and giving full consideration to network evolution, BSC6000 can support RNC in the 3G era with the only need of software update. ∙ GPRS/EDGE: CS1 − CS4, MCS1 − MCS9 ∙ Various CODECS: FR/EFR/HR/AMR ∙ Enhanced Voice Functions: TFO/AEC/ANR/SQD ∙ Object−oriented Dynamic Configuration Guide ∙ Multi−Frequency, Mixed−Frequency Cell ∙ Priority Services: eMLPP + HR

  • EnerG BSC6000

The Huawei mobile softswitch center MSOFTX3000 serves as the product in the control layer of both GSM and UMTS core networks. With support for GSM and UMTS protocols and relevant functions, it provides operators with a complete solution to evolve from GSM to UMTS. In the mobile communication networks, it can serve as different functional entities such as MSC Server, GMSC Server, TMSC Server, VLR, SSP and SG for networking.

  • SoftX3000–Softswitch


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