Since its founding in 1999, Raisecom Technology has established its reputation as a top global equipment provider of innovative last-mile access and aggregation solutions in the telecommunications market. Initial Raisecom products for the carrier market were an innovative highly reliable product line of Ethernet copper to fiber media converters. Rapidly we gained credibility and major market share in countries around the world. We continue to build on our reputation for developing high-quality Carrier Ethernet and access products. We have won and continue to win numerous industry awards and are recognized as a market leader. Raisecom has grown to over a 2100 employees with annual revenue exceeding $220 million. Raisecom’s growth is due to our ability to design and manufacture high quality broadband products and provide our customers with exceptional support. Well over half of the company’s revenue is invested in engineering and product development. We offer a standards based diversified and growing product line including Carrier Ethernet over fiber/PDH/SDH/G.SHDSL products, PDH/SDH multiplexers, CWDM systems, L2 Ethernet Switches as well as residential and enterprise access gateways. With over 8 million units installed in service provider networks Raisecom has addressed the most discriminating customer requirements for performance, synchronization, cost reduction, and network operations.
Raisecom has achieved 40% revenue growth every year since its inception; and, has been recognized by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu as one of the 500 Fastest Growth Technology Companies in the Asia Pacific market for four years in a row. With headquarters is Beijing, Raisecom has expanded its operations to include Europe, Latin America, , Canada, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the United States. Raisecom is ISO9001:2000 certification for R&D, Production, Technical Support and Marketing. Products are CE, RoHS, WEEE, UL, and CSA certified. Raisecom is an MEF member and its Ethernet product lines adhere to MEF recommendations. Raisecom is a strong advocate of industry standards and vendor interoperability. Raisecom participates in the world’s most important telecom fairs and exhibitions every year, such as CeBIT, Sviaz EXPO, PT EXPO, Convergence India, CommunicAsia, as well as numerous regional events. We welcome the opportunity to work with customers and partners contributing to your success.

ISCOM2100 series is a fully managed Ethernet ISCOM2110A-MA is designed to provide Switch product line, provides cost-effective L2 eight FE downlinks and two Gigabit Optical aggregation with carrier grade reliability. Ethernet uplink ports for redudant protection; Its wire-speed store and forward capabilities, supports metro access standards, basic and powerful network management features 802.3.ah OAM discovery, and 802.1ag CFM, are ideal for deployments in MDUs, residential, and SLA for Carrier Ethernet services. office buildings, and campus environment.

Networks are secured with port-isolation within individual VLAN, selective Q-in-Q function, MAC table threshold per port, broadcast/multicast/DLF storm control, unique port loopback detection, STP, RSTP & MSTP, and DHCP Client/Snooping/Option82. Devices are designed and manufactured to adapt to deployments in harsh environments: 1) performances and reliabilities are guaranteed under extreme thermal conditions from -40 ˚C to 85˚C (-40˚F~185˚F); 2) products are also featured to be dust-proof (IP40 level) and lightning-proof up to 6,000V (IEC61000-4-5:2000). IEEE802.1p based QoS is supported in terms of 4 queues per port, SP/WRR/SP+WRR, bandwidth control, IGMP snooping, and multicast VLAN registration (MVR) to save bandwidth and optimize corresponding services.

ISCOM2924GF is an intelligent Gigabit flexible network construction, customized Optical Ethernet Switch which provides 20 QoS, complete network management andGigabit optical SFP ports and 4 combo ports high dependability that perfectly satisfy carrier’ for Metro Ethernet access and aggregation. s requirement. ISCOM2924GF is especially

RC1201-2FEV35 is a TDMoverIP access be configured from 2 10/100BaseT and 1 gateway device for enterprises and mobile 1000BaseX port. It converts data streams from operators, offering TDM lease line extension or its V.35 port into packets for transmission over TDM traffic backhaul over a packet switched the packet switching network such as MPLS network. It provides a legacy over Ethernet/ and Ethernet network. RC1201 TDMoverIP IP solution supporting transmission of V.35 devices are working in pairs. streams over IP and Ethernet-based networks.

RC1201-4FE4E1T1 is a TDMoverIP access gateway device for enterprises and mobile operators, offering TDM lease line extension or TDM traffic backhaul over a packet switched network. It provides a legacy over Ethernet/IP solution supporting transmission of E1/T1 treams over IP and Ethernet-based networks. RC1201-4FE4E1T1 is integrated with 4 E1/T1 and 4 local Ethernet traffic ports which can be configured from 4 10/100BaseT and 1 1000BaseX port. It converts data streams from its E1/T1 ports into packets for transmission over the packet switching network such as MPLS and Ethernet network. RC1201

RC959-4FE16E1 is an inverse multiplexer that transmits Fast Ethernet service over bonded E1 circuits. The device is typically deployed in pair, and can deliver 2~32Mbps Ethernet service according to customers' requirements. Designed following the standard GFP EoPDH encapsulation, the device supports LCAS, with which the service channel established by the pair of device will not be down even if unstable or broken-down E1 links exists in the TDM network. RC959-4FE16E1 provides 16 VCG, which allows carriers and service providers to access multiple users and provision service channel bandwidth conveniently.The device has three working mode: VLAN unaware mode, VLAN aware mode and Q-in-Q mode. When working in VLAN unaware mode, the device will forward any packets received. When working in VLAN aware mode or Q-in-Q mode, the device will forward received packets according the pre-set forwarding rules based on VLAN tags. RC959-4FE16E1 supports various diagnostic tools such as local and remote E1 loopback, E1 BER testing, loopback detection, and etc. The pair of RC959-4FE16E1 can also be fully monitored and managed on the GUI of Raisecom NView NNM system. All this tools provide ways of quick

RC702-GESTM4 is a standalone Ethernet-over-SDH network edge access platform in compact metal enclosure. It is designed for fully utilizing the existing STM1/STM4 network resources to provide subscribers with SLA MAN or even WAN Ethernet access service. It introduces standard encapsulation technology such as GFP/LAPS to map Fast/Gigabit Ethernet traffics into SDH STM1/STM4 frame structure. RC702-GESTM4 provides 1+1 MSP protection on STM1/STM4 interfaces and an expansion slot for Ethernet interface. Three different types of Ethernet expansion cards are available to provide point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications respectively. RC702-GESTM4 is widely welcomed by incumbent carriers and service providers to generate new revenues while preserving origianl captical investment.

Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) modules are compact optical transceivers used in optical communications which provide the same functionality as a regular GBIC, but in a much smaller and denser physical size. SFP modules are used in variety of Raisecom equipments for their extremely small size and flexiblly hotswappable characteristic, enabling a fast and convenient installation of Raisecom products. Highlighted for the confirmation to standardized physical and electrical characteristics, the depoyment of SFP modules makes carriers' inventory investment much smaller for there is no vendor limitation. Raisecom provides various types of SFP modules for different applications, including CWDM wavelength specific SFP which can directly connect with CWDM transmission system and normally used SFP which can work with other vendors' equipments. All Raisecom SFP modules provide two versions: normal version and DDM (digital diagnostic monitoring function) version. Compliance with Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) enables the compatibility with other vendors' equipments which are equipped with SFP cage

RC953E-GESTM1(B) is an inverse multiplexing Ethernet Gateway that connects Gigabit Ethernet networks across a PDH/SDH based transportation network. It effectively helps carries to utilize the existing E1 frastructure to provide Gigabit service instantly. RC953E¬GESTM1(B) employs HDLC encapsulation technology and supports up to 8E1 inverse multiplexing. It is often deployed in central site for aggregating up to 63 different user traffics with single E1 link of each. there are two channelized STM-1 interfaces(SFP fiber) support 1+1 protection and two combo Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. RC953E-GESTM1(B) is installed at the central office site to act as an SNMP active device, which is capable of remote management of customer premise equipment, including RC952/RC953/RC954 series and even media converters that might connect with them. All the user configurable functionalities can be set through the NNM system


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