Company's overview

Our company successfully works in the field of systems integration, telecommunications, supplies high-tech solutions and equipment.

Client portfolio includes many of the countries of Western Europe, Central Europe and CIS.

Priority directions of activity is the supply of telecommunications equipment and integrated technology solutions to large corporate clients, including leading telecommunications operators, companies operating in the extractive industry (oil production and gas sector).

Currently the main focus of our business is the implementation of IT-projects and to increase the supply of high-tech equipment in Eastern Europe and CIS countries. In order to enter new markets and expanding business, we offer the most advanced and competitive solutions and products from leading manufacturers.

Our company is an official partner of many major players in IT-solutions and telecommunications equipment, has an exclusive cooperation agreement and provides favorable conditions for supply of a wide range of equipment.

All equipment supplied and certified solutions, we provide warranty and post warranty service offered equipment and IT-solutions, as well as integrated solutions based on them.

All offered equipment, we can provide the client for testing in test mode operation or program Try & Buy.

Together with our partners, we offer our clients a wide range of services and solutions that provide professional support for projects at all stages of the life cycle.

We are constantly evolving, keeping pace with the times and the growing needs of customers in today's world, the success of which is not possible without the use of the latest advances in science and technology, modern high-tech equipment and a team of professionals, constantly expanding as a sphere of activity and a set of services in familiar areas for us, bringing to market new solutions, which are the first to learn of our company clients.


Being the modern system integrator solving a wide range of tasks in many fields of knowledge and appendices, we always see our projects a component of world around and we consider them in an interrelation and interaction context with it.

During implementation of projects of clients and partners the main priorities and the directions of our activity are:

The fullest and deep analysis of an objective – first of all we carry out the fullest and complex analysis of an objective, for the purpose of identification of possible risks for the client, definition of a circle of adjacent and accompanying tasks, additional expenses, and also stages which should be passed in a course of implementation of the project;

Kliyentooriyentirovannost – from an abundance of products available in the market, from own development, we form as a result the decision specific to the specific client, in concrete field of knowledge and the activity, most fully meeting his requirements and according to his inquiries and vomozhnost;
Comprehensive approach – carrying out of an objective, we aren't limited to a framework of separately taken project, and we can assume the operative decision arising during implementation of the current project of new tasks, including not obviously connected with the realized project, not provided by the initial plan, or developing in parallel;

Responsibility – already at the earliest stages of life cycle of our projects, we see them a making part of world around, we estimate not only degree and possibility of integration of this or that product or the decision in a point of the appendix of our efforts, but also features of process of functioning of the ready finished decision and its communication with the world around, influenced environment, overall effectiveness and convenience of use, power efficiency and environmental friendliness. We try that the projects realized by us worked for the benefit of our clients and partners, and thus performance of this or that task didn't go to a damage or in a cut with global interests of modern society;

Self-improvement and continuity – for achievement of a goal in the field of implementation of modern IT projects and hi-tech decisions, we are constantly improved, mastering new techniques and the equipment during training of own employees, involving young perspective specialists from fields of knowledge perspective and new to us. We accumulate the received knowledge and experience, forming own base of the decisions available to all our experts to the analysis of realized projects and further – direct application during the solution of new tasks.


Industry News

  • German Electric will provide upgrades and maintenance of Telenor Global Services network in ten countries.
  • German Electric and China Telecom have provided services digital trunking communication at the Summer Universiade.
  • German Electric is the world's first multi-mode modem for data transmission with support of LTE TDD.
  • German Electric introduced the latest developments in networking solutions.